Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another Happy Customer!

It's not easy to find the time in our busy days to even get our own to-do lists done let alone take the time to give us such positive feedback. Thank you Judy Powell for your very kind words and for allowing me to share them on our blog!

Dear Dinner Afare,

Last month was the first time that I tried Dinner Afare and I LOVE IT!!!!! As someone that loves to chop their own veggies and prepare food I hesitated to try it but with a new job and dealing with family illness I am so tired that dinner was going to be a bowl of cereal.

THANK YOU for providing this service!!! Now I can come home from work and easily prepare a delicious meal for my family. No more take-out for us! Last night was our first restaurant meal since I brought home Dinner Afare and I was not only disappointed with the food, the loud atmosphere but the price alone was reason to stay home and enjoy another one of our lovely Dinner Afare meals.

My only suggestion would be to list the side dishes with the on-line menu so that I could shop ahead and have everything ready.

THANK YOU for taking the stress out of dinner at this most stressful time in my life. I have recommended Dinner Afare to all my friends and everyone in my office and am looking forward to my next order this coming week.


Judy Powell

Kids Meals - What are we feeding our kids???

The following article is certainly not surprising but seeing the nutritional nightmare of fast food kids meals in the following article makes me feel more accountable for what I'm actually feeding my children!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Family Meal - TDA Can Make It Happen!

Since opening the Smyrna, Georgia store 2 years ago, I've come across many different articles related to the benefits of eating dinner at home with your family. One of the many reasons why I love The Dinner A'Fare so much is how we offer a way to immediately remove the stress of what to cook for dinner and actually make the "family meal" a reality again.

That said, I felt that the following article was worthwhile to share....


p.s. Have you TRIED the mjoito pork kabobs with cherry barbecue sauce this month? I was a total hero in my house last night once my husband and 2 kids tasted this new recipe. Chef Lasch has again outdone herself....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Supporting School Science Labs and Libraries!

The Dinner A'Fare Murfreesboro Supports Taste of Rutherford

"Main Street Murfreesboro/Rutherford County outdid itself with the annual Taste of Rutherford. Oakland’s Historic House Museum was the perfect backdrop for Friday (5/20/08) night’s event that’s sponsored by this non-profit organization committed to maintaining, promoting and enhancing our community’s historic district."

The Dinner A'Fare Featured on Atlanta Occasions

"A new twist on this concept might be making meal preparation the focus of the baby shower itself. The Dinner A'Fare offers a private party incentive where the host receives their package for free, so a group may schedule a private party at The Dinner A'Fare, and the expectant mother could receive the free package."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Dinner A'Fare South Park Sponsors Mental Health Benefit

JUNE 24 -- Lift Your Spirits. This summer event will benefit the Mental Health Association of Central Carolinas, Inc. Good eats will be provided from Charlotte restaurants, including Brixx Wood Fired Pizza, Mac's Speed Shop, The Dinner A'Fare, Bear Rock Café and Picasso's Sports Café. Read More

Details about the Lift Your Spirits Event. Click Here